Artwork Questions

I have downloaded some images from the internet - can you print from them?
For best results we need pictures to be supplied at 300dpi and saved in CMYK colour. Most images found online are saved in RGB colour at 72 dpi, so whilst we could print from them the results may be very poor.  If using images from the internet at the correct size please ensure you have any relevant copyright permission. 

Will the colour of my printed job match the colours shown on my monitor or my printer?
Unless your monitor / printer has been accurately calibrated to match our presses then the colours on your printing will almost certainly not match what you see on screen!  If you have a job that requires an 'exact' match, we would ask that you send us a sample that we can match.

I work in Microsoft Word or Corel Draw on a PC or In-Design on a Mac, etc - can you print from a file in this format?
At IED we prefer all files to be sent to us in PDF format. However there are no restrictions on the programmes you use to create your artwork. Microsoft Word is fine and even though many would argue it is not a 'design package' we receive some great work produced in this programme. The same goes for Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.  Where files are not received in PDF format IED may have to supply a proof for your approval before we start print / production.  Please note this may result in an additional charge.

Will IED check my artwork?
Yes - always.  Unlike some online print companies IED employ humans.  We check every single piece of artwork for technical issues.  If we find a problem we will contact you to try and sort the problem quickly or offer help and advice.  

We do not proof read files but if we do spot a spelling or obvious mistake we will contact you.  We fully understand that you can become 'word blind' when working on a job for a long period of time or trying to meet an urgent deadline.  No matter how many times you check things, spelling mistakes can sneak through. We would rather press pause and contact you, than have you disappointed with the end job.  

I want a really fantastic print job shall I send my images at 1200dpi size for size?
No. Our presses produce excellent quality but it will not be any better if the files are supplied at any higher a resolution than 300dpi.  Working at a higher resolution simply means images are ‘oversampled'.  It means you are sending more information than is required.  Files end up being much bigger than they need to be and just take longer to email / upload.

Why do you require fonts embedded in PDF files?
With PDFs all the font information required to print the document comes encapsulated in the file.  When creating your PDF it is important to specify that fonts used should be embedded.  This is normally a tick box in the PDF export area of the programme or an option in an external PDF creator.  If fonts are not embedded this can lead to unwanted fonts substitutions and rejected print.

What is Bleed and Quiet Border?
This is the most common problem with artwork.  Understanding the need for Bleed and a Quiet Border is vital.  All print companies require Bleed to allow for the tolerance of guilotines and finishing equipment.  If your image finishes exactly at the edge of your required finished size then these small deviations may produce unsightly white unprinted stripes at the edge of your print.  By extending your background colour or image beyond the edge of your finished job the effects of the same deviations are not noticeable.

PDF's should include print to bleed 3mm beyond the cut of your finished document.

A Quiet Border is the distance you should allow from the edge of your finished page size for text, diagrams or images not going to bleed. The reason for the border is again the tolerance in cutting. If you have a design where the text runs to the very edge then any cutting deviation will result in some of your text being cut off!!

We recommend a Quiet Border where there is no text etc of at least 5mm from the edges of your job.

Miscellaneous Questions

What Browser do you recommend we use with the IED Site?
For PC and Mac the IED website works best with the Firefox Browser which is a completely free utility. This can be downloaded and installed very quickly from www.newfirefoxonline.com .  Using Firefox is very similar to using any other browser but generally as soon as people have tried it they don’t want to use anything else! The IED site has also been tested with the latest editions of all other browsers. If you have a problem using the site, updating to the latest edition of your browser will normally solve the problem.

Do IED print on recycled stock?
We are passionate about the environment and we re-cycle every sheet of paper and packaging we possibly can. The difference in cost between reusing paper and starting from scratch is huge.  Using recycled paper is hugely more expensive that 'new paper'.

Every sheet of paper we print in is sourced from sustainable managed forests.  If you feel you want your product printed on recycled paper please let us know.  We will supply you with a revised quotation.

How long will it take to receive my product?
IED aim to start printing of your job the day it arrives as long as all artwork and details are in order.  For small jobs such as fliers and business cards you can expect delivery in 2-3 days.  For larger run jobs such as booklets or jobs that have a lot of finishing requirements you can expect delivery in 3-5 days.

IED are super efficient.  Most jobs are actually dispatched next day!